The Radical Harmony Flower Essence

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Radical Harmony Blend.jpg

The Radical Harmony Flower Essence


This is The Radical Harmony Blend. With a mixture of Cactus Blossom + Palo Verde Flower Essences, infused with Smokey Quartz, Rose Quartz, Selenite, Stilbite + Apophyllite. Cactus Blossom is a disrupter + an eradicator. It disrupts the old programming + eradicates outdated patterns still running in the body. The Palo Verde works in tandem to bring harmony + balance into all the systems of the body creating a symbiosis between our 7 Subtle Bodies + our physical body.

The 7 Bodies are as follows:
1. The Etheric Body
2. The Emotional Body
3. The Mental Body
4. The Astral Body
5. The Etheric Body
6. The Celestial Body
7. The Causal Body

*Our Physical Body creates our 8th Body.

This blend is SUPER Potent + freaking POWERFUL!!! It's the perfect blend to help everyone through times of great change, transition + amplification. And it's the perfect assistant if you're working at finding your Truth + what you're being called to do in this world. 

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