Home/Office Energy Clearing

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Home/Office Energy Clearing

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Moving into a new space & want to move in with new fresh energy? Or are you feeling like there’s stuck or dense energy in your home or office? You might be in need of an energy clearing of your space.

We are energetic beings. Everyone carries energy around with them & it gets left from where you inhabit. With an energy or home clearing we’ll clear out the old & stagnant energy along with blessing your space with the energy you want to bring into it.

It’s an amazing ritual to create new energy in your home or office.

If you’ve been feeling any sort of spirit activity, I can communicate with them to see their intent & motivation for inhabiting the space. With the clearing we’ll work with the Spirit to find a happy medium for them to leave your space.

$125 - 1-3 office spaces

$150 - 3 bedroom home

$200 - 4+ bedroom home

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