My soul’s Purpose

The Intuition Earrings  + The Love Necklace

The Intuition Earrings + The Love Necklace

“My Goal is to Alchemize every area of your life to help bring you back into Alignment WITH your SOUL’s PURPOSe.”

Oceans of Love,


Welcome! My mission is to change the world, by empowering people to uncover their innate gifts, to heal themselves + to live on purpose with their Soul’s Mission. Help me make this world a more beautiful + loving place by either purchasing one of my handmade pieces, by working with me one-on-one or sharing with a friend.

I want to empower individuals by giving them practical tools they can use on a daily basis to help them align to what their Soul needs. Albeit through my jewelry, handmade goods, art, interior design, healing modalities or one-on-one sessions, I'm working in tandem with Spirit + consciously designing + channeling each item with the individual’s Highest Self in mind. I work one-on-one with each person’s Spirit + utilize my intuitive + energetic gifts to pinpoint where their Soul is in + out of alignment.

Every piece is handmade with Love + created with detailed & loving attention to help the wearer heal, align & ultimately find their power + worth. My goal is to channel + create items that align the individual with what it is their Soul is needing. So pay attention to what draws you in + lights you up. Your Soul chooses exactly what you need!

My jewelry line + interior design is Metta8. My mercantile shop is Practical Magic Goods. So if you see these names you know what it’s in reference to.

Selenite + Tilandsia DreamWeaver

Selenite + Tilandsia DreamWeaver

EVERY piece of jewelry, every paining, every DreamWeaver, every oil blend + energy clearing raises the energetic frequency of the person using them + in turn helps to raise the energy of those they come in contact with + the spaces they inhabit.  

Everything I make is handmade with reclaimed + recycled fine metals, carefully selected natural gemstones, organic cotton + locally-sourced driftwood. All items are packaged in eco-friendly recycled materials because this Earth is so precious, I believe we need the reciprocity of give + take of its resources in a conscious + thoughtful way.

As I’m helping the collective whole, I’m also looking to make as little impact on the environment as possible in the process. So feel good knowing with your purchase that you are not only supporting a sole proprietor, but you’re also assisting the collective as a whole + investing in yourself or your loved ones with a handmade + channeled piece from Priscilla Bernstein.

Metta8 100% Recycled Eco Conscious Packaging

Metta8 100% Recycled Eco Conscious Packaging

To get to know a little more in depth who I am & what Metta8 + Practical Magic Goods is all about please keep reading My Story below.

{Metta in Pali means Loving-Kindness. 8 is my lucky number & when it's turned on its side is the infinity symbol. So Metta8 is literally translated to Loving-Kindness to the infinite degree.}

My Story

Teaching yoga for 10+ years, I became centered + grounded into the yogic lifestyle of awareness, consciousness + sustainability. It started me on a deep personal journey to be the BEST version of myself that I can BE.

I whole-heartedly believe in the Law of Karma + the Theory of Quantum Physics. Knowing that what we give out is what we get back + that everything we choose to think, say + do has a direct effect on ourselves + the reality we're co-creating.

Having an eye for natural beauty, I am drawn to nature for the majority of my inspiration. Being an ‘Earth Mama’, I appreciate nature’s imperfect perfection + raw beauty.

Receiving my BFA in Metals from the University of Texas in El Paso, I found my voice as a jewelry designer. Achieving 500+ hours of yoga teacher trainings + continuing education through the Yoga Institute of Houston, I found my flow as a yoga instructor + realized my innate gift of working with people’s energetic needs. Getting licensed as a massage therapist I learned my powerful ability as a conduit to channel, receive + give energy. Through almost 20 years of self study, ‘nerding’ out on mysticism, the healing arts + gemstones, I learned how to tune into + work with the more subtle energy realms along with how to work in tandem with Spirit. And working in a furniture store for 3 years doing merchandising + buying along with interior design + getting certified in Interior Design, I found my calling in helping people align their space with their heart’s desire! As within, so without.

B+W Neptune House 1.png

All my Loves of being creative, self-expression, nature, mysticism + magic, gemstones, the healing arts, working with Spirit, interior design + the yogic way have all come together to integrate me being fully self-expressed.

Like me, my line of Creative Soul Offerings are all delicate yet powerful, are layered with meaning + depth, + are dynamic yet flow freely in their simplicity. I believe God is in the details and naturally the details are the most important thing to me.

I am sharing my gifts with the world, not only to make it a more beautiful place but to literally raise the vibrational frequency of people + their spaces to one of Alignment, Balance + Love. Every piece + space I create is set with the intention for it to help you align with your Soul’s innermost desires.

The Metta8 Intuition Earrings

The Metta8 Intuition Earrings

The energy of these pieces, subtlely rewires the synapses in the brain to bring awareness to the wearer + on a cellular level your cells start to respond + heal themselves. These pieces, made of fine metals + healing precious + semi-precious gemstones are conduits to change. They hold the energies of Unconditional Love, Protection, Transformation + Bliss. Each jewelry piece comes with an affirmation + all items with gemstones come with a gemstone info card. The more you connect with your pieces, the more you connect to your Soul + the more you can connect in the world on a deeper level.

(To read more about the healing properties of the pieces please check out the Everything You’ll Need page.)

"Love is the only Truth in this world, everything else is just a lack of Love."  Marianne Williamson