“Thank you so much Priscilla for this lovely and truthful session! I felt so light and full of faith at the end, as if perfectly aligned with my Soul’s Purpose. My intuition to contact you was indeed really just.”

Elodie Marchetau

“Priscilla, the second we got off the phone, my friend who works in Real Estate sent me her top contractor that she loves. He has space available and is going to meet me right now at our new space! I am blessing him as we speak. Thank you for your help to clear space and make room for the right contractor to step in. That was instant!”

Gabrielle Hazaan

“After completing the 5 week Inward Journey Home Course with Priscilla, I feel like a new person. Actually, I finally feel like ME! My outlook on life and my purpose has shifted from frustrated and despondent to excited and inspired. I learned (and am still learning, with the tools taught) who I am, what my purpose is, and how I get to live to my fullest potential. Priscilla creates a beautiful space for exploration, insight, growth and discovery with her years of wisdom and her intuitive guidance and vision.”

Trichelle Winkler

“Priscilla has an impeccable ability to hone in and know exactly what her clients need to progress and get what her clients need to progress and get through their barriers. She is a joy to know and work with, I wear her work confidently.”


Maria Elena Olsen

"I received a clear quartz stone with my Quickening Love Necklace and I programmed it to help me with my relationships and money and miracles are happening! The biggest miracle is me and my heart being changed to allow and receive. I’m so grateful for my necklace. I cherish it! I cherish you! These pieces will be timeless connecting pieces for all who purchase them! And they will support you in whatever your journey may be. Priscilla is spot on with the intuition she received for mine and everyone else I’ve seen."

Collete     Hudgins

"The necklace that Priscilla made for me was perfect. I left it to her intuition what metal even, and she chose the perfect one, silver with a red garnet - which is my birthstone. Priscilla had no idea. Her intuition is amazing. My Love necklace reminds me that I am truly loved and supported as I move forward on my personal journey. You won't regret investing in her jewelry! It is amazing!"

Danielle       Eubanks

"The packaging was so beautiful that I carefully opened each box.  It was beautiful to know that there was much time and care taken even to put these things together for shipment. I was surprised to find the affirmations inside.  Upon reading them, I knew you had channeled my energy with no doubt.  My  heart has been broken and on the mend for the last few years and you knew exactly what I needed. I wear different pieces on different days depending on what I am doing and how I feel, but I always use the affirmation that was placed specifically for that piece of jewelry. These piece mean so much to me that I keep them in their original packaging on my table in my living room!  They infuse the space with positive energy.  It makes me feel special that I know these pieces were created just for me, by Spirit, through your hands and heart. I appreciate all of the effort you put into making them and know this is part of your calling in this life. I do think it is important what we adorn ourselves with.  Something with meaning and depth.  Only we know what they mean to us but the energy is felt by others when we wear it.  It is a piece of art."

"I have never gotten more compliments on a piece for jewelry. There is something so enchanting about my Love necklace that everyone comments on it and most can't keep their hands off it. I never take off my Love. It adorns me and is a constant reminder to give love to myself. To love others. To fall in love with my life. I feel beautiful when I have it on and somehow it seems to work with every other piece of jewelry I choose to wear. It might seem unrelated, but since receiving my Love, I have cultivated the relationship that I always wanted to have with my primary partner in everything - ME. Falling in love with me has brought romance, money and fun into my life like never before. Priscilla thank you for craft such wonderfully special pieces that remind us all of the beautiful, love-filled, infinite beings we all truly are. I love love love my Love."

Katie                McCarthy

"I met Priscilla at an Art Walk and was immediately drawn to her booth. Each piece has significant meaning and healing qualities. Her work is delicate yet has a strength behind it which I realized after my purchase is that her spirituality coming through. I was specifically looking for single earrings of which she accommodated me.
I chose 'Truth' because I believe the truth definitely sets you free and in wearing this piece I can move thru my day thoughtfully and openly. Another I chose is 'Infinity' because I believe all things are possible. Life is endless and the good can continue on and on. I wear this piece as a reminder after going thru several cancers that there is survival and life is infinite. 
I truly feel these two pieces are aligned with me and I acknowledge that. My eye is on another piece to help complete my spirituality. Thank you Metta 8/Priscilla for bringing this healing into my life."

Audrey             Barrett

"I love my several pieces of beautifully detailed jewelry from Metta8. They are all of great quality and extraordinary design. Priscilla is a gifted artist whose one of many talents lies in making beautiful and unique pieces. Her jewelry makes me feel blessed and grounded. I always receive compliments when I wear it. I bought her LOVE necklace and shortly after, a best friend's daughter named her baby girl, Lovett....Well, when I heard that my inner voice told me to gift it to her, which I did. She wrote me and told me how much she loves it and her mother tells me she wears it all the time! It made me so happy and I immediately thought that someday her baby "Love" would wear it, too! I also have the Karma earrings in gold, and somehow lost one of them ...somewhere. I was so sad about it, but just thought I would order a replacement from Priscilla. To my great surprise while looking through a box of old pictures of my mother who had passed away many years ago, there in the box was my earring! Wow... talk about Karma! All I could think was, "Thanks Momma!" I will treasure my purchases from Priscilla & Metta8 forever."

Sherry             Tierney

"The necklace Priscilla made for me is sooo special to me.  It was actually a design that came to me in meditation.  She created it integrating my intention and vision with her creativity and heart. The symbol is now my business logo.  Wearing it is a reminder of my personal path and life mission. It has become an awesome conversational piece as well.  Many people ask me what it means.  I then ask them what it means to them and I receive such creative and inspiring interpretations.  I love it! It is so fun to continue finding new meaningful messages that it represents.  What a powerful art! I admire and so appreciate the personalization, heart, and intention that Priscilla puts into her gift. "

Faith                 Shevlin